On wrapping handknitted gifts

How to strike fear into any knitter’s heart in three words:

“It’s almost Christmas”


Wellllll…this year I actually made *most* of my gifts ahead of time. (They may or may not be ones that I planned to give out last year.) Now as much as I hate blocking, my least favourite part is the wrapping. Hand making gifts already feels awkward because there’s the idea that they’re not as good quality as store bought gifts, despite it taking way more time and effort to pick out a pattern, buy the yarn and knit the gift than it would to email a Starbucks card.

I love this band with the hank tag attached by Ravelry user ShinyGrenade. Now I need to find somewhere to keep the tags after tearing them off my yarn.


and here is the same cute band used to wrap socks in takeout containers


That band is available from Cobberson & Co as a free download here or available on their etsy for $3, 100% of which is donated to charity.

Knitty has an excellent article about wrapping gifts, breaking down ideas into how much time until the gift needs to be given. Fantastic idea of gift tags with extra yarn or buttons attached for the crafty recipient in case repairs are needed. I got a copy of More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by Anna Williams as a gift last year which includes a gift tag template.

I’m also really liking all the pom-pom inspiration



Time to get a new bin for wrapping supplies XD